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I love the to-the-point, easily digestible videos. Great teacher. I’m and independent music artist and I use Scrivener now for organizing my albums and songs. Great for everything written, from lyrics all the way to album liner notes and graphics. Oh yeah and marketing landing pages and blogs. I Would not have figured all of this out on my own. Thanks Joseph! ~ Winifred Day

I jumped into using Scrivener on my own over a year ago, and use it a lot, but this course gets me into the little (and some not-so-little) customizations and techniques that make me more productive — and Scrivener more powerful — than I would probably have figured out on my own. It’s well presented and well paced. I found myself pausing a lesson and poking into my current work in progress to try out what I’d just learned. Well done, and well worth it! ~ Mitch Aunger

I was getting thru scrivener, but honestly I was struggling. Sure, some people are brilliant and understand tools right off the bat, but I sure didn’t get scrivener. I’m thankful I got this — it has helped me learn several things I never would have understood myself. ~ Michael Montgomery

If you want to learn how to tease the most out of Scrivener as an advanced user buy this course. If you’re a newcomer to the software and want to get to grips with the basics, buy this course. If you think you know everything there is to know about Scrivener, buy this course. Basically if you open Scrivener and intend to use it on a regular basis, buy this course. Did I make that clear enough? OK, buy this course! ~ Ruthorford Christy

Joseph is one of the best teachers I’ve ever met. Good thing because Scrivener is one of the most complicated (and powerful) programs I’ve ever tried to use. ~ Bryan Harris

Only just started but the course is extremely well organized and thought out. Looking forward to getting through it one day at a time. ~ Randal Glover

I’m still working my way through the course, but I’m working on a project I have as I’m going through it and it’s really helping me to understand how to use the software. ~ Malcolm Bell

I’ve been through the basics and am working on tips & tricks now. Videos are very good and Joseph is an excellent teacher. I wish I had taken the time to stop the video after each lesson to work in Scrivener. I need to be a good student and go back to the beginning and really learn to incorporate these great How-To lessons. ~ Betty Sims

I have to say, before I found Learn Scrivener Fast, I had no idea where to go to get Scrivener info. This course solved all that for me. It is more than just a “here is a tool and how to use it” type of training resource, the inclusion of workflow tips and tricks for various types of writing jobs are real gems. Right out of the box you’re able to learn which of the myriad of Scrivener features will most likely apply to you and your project. ~ Fred Lunjevich

This is a great course. Beautifully made and super-clear. If you want to write better and get organized in the process, Scrivener is brilliant. This course is too! ~ Will Roffé

Still watching (and re-watching), but this is exactly the course I’ve been needing to get a handle on Scrivener. I’ve used it off-and-on for the past year but knew there were some parts of the software that I wasn’t “using quite right”. The hands-on, practical nature of this course is already helping me to find the best use of the various functionalities found inside of Scrivener. ~Raymond Price

The videos are great! Absolutely worth it. I have learned so much!! Love the step-by-step screenshots below each video too! ~ Rachael Murphy

Gosh this course is a dream. So well laid out, covers every area that I want to use Scrivener for and the teaching is clear, organized and solid. I wish you had other courses like this on other things I desperately want to learn! ~David Davis

I like the setup of the course a lot. It provides short movies as well as key points in text below the movies. So it provides a great how-to overview. ~ Natalie Miller

Does what it says on the box. It teaches you how to use scrivener, fast! Very satisfied after being halfway through. ~ Margherita Parker

Love this deal. I am using Scrivener all the time and any time you can learn something new and save time, it's worth it. Well done Joseph. ~ Luke Bailey

With over forty years experience in training and development (30 in IT) I can say that this is a superb learning platform for what can be an intricate and challenging program. If you have got Scrivener then getting this training package will vastly improve your efficiency and greatly repay your investment in money and time. In a perfect world this would be issued free with every purchased copy of Scrivener but hey, the guy who developed Scrivener and the guy who developed “Learn Scrivener Fast” did a brilliant job in their own field of expertise, so paying them both is probably a good option. Certainly better than waiting for the world to get perfect 🙂 ~Jason Hunter

This will be my 3rd go at Scrivener. First 2 I sat through the tuts on developer’s site and built in as well. This powerful tool is now easier for me to grasp and I really recommend this course. The basics were not exciting (nor should they be) but I ate my spinach. The real power lies in the blogging and ninja tricks. Thanks for a great course. ~ Tim Olson

In brief : well-done tutorials, an excellent overview of how to use Scrivener effectively. I got Scrivener as an eval via the last NaNoWriMo novel-writing challenge, and poked at it until it sorta kinda did what I needed it to do. Once finished the challenge, I purchased it and used it to complete my novel and compile it and put it up for sale, but only used Scrivener at a very basic level. I tried going through the various tutorials, but found it heavy going. Joe’s video tutorials offer the perfect way to get up to speed by showing off the features and how to use them. Seeing it done is much easier than simply reading about it, at least for me. Now I can understand what the extensive Scrivener manual is trying to tell me. I’ve done about 3/4 of the tutorials, and am very impressed with their quality. ~Christopher Allen

Thank you for putting this together…not only for the Scrivener info, but also for teaching us all how to present sellable information for this day and age. Nice work. ~Daniel D’Alonzo

As a professional writer, I’m always looking for ways to improve and simplify my workflow. That is exactly what this course does, and in a cool way. I’m really glad of this investment. ~Michael Anderson

Great course, and well worth the money. Simple as that. ~Laura Khan

Spent a couple of days really going through the course. Very comprehensive, very easy to follow, learned something from every video. Money well spent in my opinion. ~Amanda Newman

This course offers clear, precise instruction in video, as well as printed form with screenshots. If you have any inkling whatsoever about learning about Scrivener, don’t think about going elsewhere. ~ Eric Robertson

Very nice, easy to understand course with professional videos. ~ Marie Poulin

I’ve barely scratched the surface, but this is already well worth what I paid for it! It’s already changing my workflow – i had no idea there was so much it was capable of. Awesome, thank you! ~ Miranda Adams

Wish I’d had this the first time I cracked open Scrivener. Fabulous course to learn the ropes. I made this purchase to get the author’s ideas about using Scrivener as a blogging tool. Some really solid basic ideas are presented. ~Bill Alpert

I am visual so need to see how things work on a canvas. Great videos, short clips well explained. Well produced. I am not very far into it and already feel like the quality plus the content presentation style makes the program good value. ~ Clair Patel

While I have just started this course and am known for not finishing, I think this one is a winner! So far everything is clear, concise and relevant! What more could you ask for…right? I like the content, the differentiation between Mac and Windows versions and the short snippet approach to the videos. Just enough is covered in each video to give you what you can consume without forgetting everything you just went over. ~ Andrew Dondlinger

I’ve had the Scrivener program sitting on my computer for a couple of years now. I had downloaded the trial version as part of National Novel Writing Month. I never even used it past Day 10 because it was so confusing to me even though folks raved about the program. This course? Awesome sauce. So much value. I spent the day after I purchased it in a coffee shop and just ran through it for three hours. ~Kelly Mitchell

As a writer I figured that I would invest in myself and take a chance on the course. Now I open and use Scrivener without fear. I look forward to working with this program that a week ago I was wondering if I should uninstall on my computer. Have I mentioned that I’m not even finished with the course, yet? My rule is that if i can learn one thing that I use on a regular basis from a course, then it was worth the cost. This course definitely delivered that for me. ~Jacky Johnston

I’m only on the 3rd module of the basics and have already discovered several productivity hacks I can employ to speed up my writing. Scrivener is an awesome package, but now this course is making me realise I have only scratched the surface of what it can do, despite having owned Scrivener for over 15 months. ~Rebecca Mason

Been using Scrivener for over a year and learned through trial and error. This course put it all into context, dotted the Is and crossed the Ts. Simple to follow and organised for easy revision. So satisfied with both the program and this course. ~Jessica Vatja

Been using Scrivener for over a year and learned through trial and error. This course put it all into context, dotted the Is and crossed the Ts. Simple to follow and organised for easy revision. So satisfied with both the program and this course. ~ Ruth Kj

The lessons were short, concise, yet filled with useful information. ~ Joyce Carter

I was a complete newbie with Scrivener and now I have a clear idea of what needs to get done with my work as I move forward. I teach high school music and I’ve organized my goals and learning objectives for each of my subject areas into a Scrivener notebook that I am continually adding new material and resources. ~ Nigel Ward

With your “bite size” videos I’m finding it easier to learn and really use it. I’m using Scrivener to outline my blog ideas, hold my research and write my posts. I’m slowly putting everything into Scrivener rather than getting distracted moving from program to program. ~ Nicole Rose

I could do very little but could make it work. I’m now getting things done faster. I took an eBook I was trying to finish for weeks and completed it within three hours. ~ Angela Morris

The fact that I can check the steps of the video in screenshots. ~ Dylan Young

Loved how simple Scrivener was when someone explains it visually. Before, I spent all my time looking for “how” to work in Scrivener. Now I spend all my time writing in Scrivener. I organized my entire blog, learned Evernote, (talked my husband into using Evernote,) and wrote an eBook, all within two weeks of opening Learn Scrivener Fast. The best part is, now I can think about writing, not tech stuff. ~ Jeremy Wells

What surprises me the most is the high quality of the production, and the well thought out organization of the material. This is a very well designed course, and it has actually inspired me to create my own online course (on a completely different topic), something I hadn’t considered before. I probably learned more from you about putting together a great course than I did about Scrivener! ~ Elizabeth Brown

I’ve been using Scrivener as my writing platform for more than two years. I had read the manual (which I loved), did all the tutorials, read a couple of great books, but realized there was still a lot I was missing. I really like your approach to using the corkboard, which is a Scrivener component I hadn’t been using at all. So now I can better use the corkboard to organize projects in the early stages. It really helps to see how others are using Scrivener to manage their writing projects. ~ Bett Palmer

I was surprised how easy it is to compile to different formats. I had already been using Scrivener for a while but wasn’t confident I was using its full potential, and I was often hunting for features. I could have learned Scrivener use well without your training, but I would have been less efficient for months. I am using Scrivener for fiction and poetry, and poetry brings some challenges. I thought I could save myself some time wrestling and experimenting with Scrivener features if someone just explained those features clearly. ~ Curtis Scott

The way the pieces are broken down into “bite size” made it so much easier to continue to the next one. I had ideas, but no good way to organize and plan, set goals, etc. the course helped me be more productive with my time. ~ Hugh Harrison

It made using Scrivener easier than I thought it would be. And knowing I can use it with Evernote and to produce eBooks is also a nice surprise. Well done. I think you’ve done an amazing job to demystify this incredible program. ~ Lisa Watts

Scrivener is easier to use than I thought. Using this course, it is easy to find an answer to a problem. Not a lot of searching through pages or screens. I’m spending less time trying to figure out how to do something because I can watch the video and find out quickly. ~ Diana Lesire Brandmeyer

The detail and production values are great. I was not expecting something of that price to be so detailed, especially with the text backing up each video. ~ Annie Armstrong

How easy and fun it is to use, and how fast and thorough each lesson is. I was OK with Scrivener, and now I use it for almost all of my writing, blogging, etc. I write mostly non-fiction, and the research and Evernote “hints” I learned have been invaluable. ~ Kathy Hamilton

I was initially a bit uncertain about it, but have found the visual show-and-tell technique very effective in seeing how to use Scrivener. More than simply teaching how to use the various features, my favorite parts are seeing how to use Scrivener to organize the process of writing. ~ Stephanie Moore

Everything is very intuitive once you know where to find it. My confidence level has increased as a result of taking this course. ~ Kimberly Hill

I’d already started using Scrivener to compile an eBook and was impressed, but somehow hadn’t tried using it as a tool to help organize ideas for my blog. I’m using it every day to file notes for upcoming blog posts as well as creating a one-stop-shop archive for my previous ezine articles and blog posts. I’m even using it to store ideas for future tweets! ~ June Edwards

I think the most surprising aspect was how easy it was to create my outline. Seeing parts, chapters, etc. for my novel come alive when on the corkboard, outlined that way! I am about finished with my outline and I know my story from beginning to end! Normally it would take me about 6 months to almost a year to get one done. I’m a homeschool mother, so for me, this is major! ~ Melissa Morgan

I recently made the move from a PC to a Mac. Instead of purchasing Word, I decided to use Scrivener. I watched several of your videos, imported my chapters, and was writing again the next day with every single problem solved. I could easily navigate between chapters and had a convenient place for notes and research. I’m already up to 65,000+ words using Scrivener and not spending half my time scrolling through past chapters trying to find who said what and when etc. ~ Jim Kauhanen

My workflow is now organized by process and by category. Before it was folders related by topic and it was hard to figure out what to work on next, what state each post was in, etc. The details of how to sync with Evernote like a pro was awesome. ~ Danielle Rasmus

Before, I was slogging through Scrivener’s own tutorials and feeling like I didn’t have a good grasp of the program. I tend to overthink things anyway, and it was exacerbating this tendency in me. Now, I can use the most relevant features for me, and I don’t feel like I have to be an expert in all aspects of the program in order to make effective use of it. The ability to store research at my fingertips is a tremendous help. ~ Lottie Ali

I was really impressed with how comprehensive the advice was and that it really walked me through things very well. I’m better off in terms of feeling like I’ll be able to use Scrivener in a more intelligent way, but I’ve still got a way to go to be writing as much as I want. ~ Harry Poole

Starting to get things more organized. Has got me motivated to start some other projects. ~ Geoff Gordon

I was totally intimidated by the interface before going through your videos and really didn’t know where to start with it. Now I have a better understanding of how it works, and am comfortable with creating in that interface. I am also a trainer/teacher, and your videos are excellent for delivering just the right amount of detail and explanation without being overwhelming. Your course has kindled a desire to get to work using Scrivener. Thank you!! ~ Sean Carr

Before Course: A forgotten program on my computer. Now: Enjoying writing again. ~ Rita James

I had merely tinkered with Scrivener. I had experimented a bit trying to produce eBooks and done okay, but stopped there. Now I feel like I can write with a degree of freedom. Watching you walk through the process from starting a project to finishing has been really beneficial. ~ Russell Clarke

I enjoyed the variety of useful resources and the nice design of the course. ~ Michelle Khan

I had Scrivener but ignored it. After your course, I’ve moved multiple projects into Scrivener. I even began to use if for my journaling. ~ Claire Martin

Love that almost every video lesson is complemented with a step by step text guide. Really great work! ~ Frederick Lee

Simply stated, Scrivener now speeds me up instead of slowing me down. I now am able to write faster, and more accurately see the organization (or lack thereof) of the novel I’m writing. I was learning on my own–slowly–but your course quickly “put me over the top.” You anticipated a lot of the questions I had. Well done. ~ Abigail Fraser

Even though I’ve been using Scrivener for several years, I learned new things. I am more organized. I have started a new project for my Blog, and can see how I can maintain more ‘control’ over my writing process. ~ Edie King

I was absolutely nowhere with Scrivener! I had downloaded the trial twice, even getting though about half of its tutorial, but never grasped a solid overview of what it was and what were its possibilities. Your webinar FINALLY did that, and now I’m pretty fluent in the basics. ~ Melanie Jackson

I had bought the application several months before taking this course, with the fear of learning a complex program standing in my way of using this tool. Now, I don’t know how I can ever try to write anything again without using Scrivener to keep me on target and efficiently navigating all the important details that make the real difference in any story! ~ Bobby James

I was using the basics of Scrivener before. I’m now using it for blogging and storing ideas as well. ~ Tim Reynolds

I downloaded the trial version once, and because I was too lazy to read the User Guide, I decided it wasn’t useful for me and I deleted it. How wrong I was! So I was the complete beginner when I started LearnScrivenerFast. I was writing in MS Word and while I have no problem writing (i.e. Scrivener doesn’t help me write more per se), I had my recent novel draft, over 100,000 words, all in one Word doc, it was almost impossible to organize and I like to avoid printing. Needless to say, Scrivener got me to organize my work in Chapters and Scenes, to work on the Structure and start my first edit. ~ Ben Campbell

The short videos are surprising easy and efficient to get through. I like the shorter videos because I know that I can get through a module is 5-10 minutes tops. ~ Craig Green

Learn Scrivener Fast fills all the gaps for me. It allows me to master this beast of a program. ~ Richard Andrews

Your little 2 minute blurbs were interesting and less time consuming in that I didn’t have to “plan” into my day a time to sit down and learn. I could do it between phone calls! Once I became less intimidated everything I didn’t know I knew came flooding into being and, it was easy to fall in love with what I thought the program was SUPPOSED to be all about. I am now making progress with my NaNoWriMo book. ~ Jeanie Booth

Scrivener is pretty easy to use. I don’t know why I ever thought it was hard. Perhaps it is because you are a fantastic coach! I now use Scrivener for more than just research! ~ Teresa Wright

Reading books and such isn’t the same as the wonderful videos. I quickly understood the concepts and I’m getting more writing done. Finding the daily target function spurs me to meet my daily goals and watching the project color bar change to green is keeping me on track. ~ Reece Williamson

I’d been using Scrivener for about four years, learning it by trial and error and the user guide. But I was doing a lot of things the hard way, so everything took longer. For example, I’d never understood the snapshots function, so I always made a copy of each document before I began revisions. Painfully slow! Now I simply click the snapshots button on my toolbar (which I also didn’t know I could place there until the course). ~Robbie Jackson

Just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you put into your fabulous course. I’ve been struggling with Scrivener on and off for a while. I bought the course yesterday, and I’m already playing with prepping my last book for a possible new edition, just as an exercise. I found quick answers to all the snags I’ve encountered so far. I really feel confident I can master Scrivener now. I’ll be using it now for my next book, a new edition of my Dad’s book about his village, and my blogs. I’m excited about writing again. Thank you so much! ~ Ann Lewis

At first, it was hard for me to learn Scrivener from just reading the free tutorial that came with the program. However, the Learn Scrivener Fast modules made it so much easier to learn how to use Scrivener more productively and efficiently. ~ Ellen Silakka

Very good. I’ve learned a lot even though I’m not new to using Scrivener. ~ Clare Watson

I LOVE index cards, but was always losing them. And research! I had a 3-ring binder full of pages and now I have a binder on my computer – so easy to take it all with me without the fear of losing anything. How easy and fun it is to use Scrivener with the help of the tutorials! ~ Steven Mills

I’ve been writing for a long time, but the possibilities I see before me for streamlining the process are amazing. have two books on the market, but I spent so much time scrolling thru things, trying to find all the notes I made along the way, on my way to final editing, that I am quite excited to see how my work could have been and now will be much quicker. I have started two new novels in the last month and am anticipating a rough draft done by Dec. instead of the two years my last one took me. ~ James Black

I expected it to help me learn Scrivener, but the help organizing a blog and also Evernote were unexpected gems. I have a bird’s eye view with Scrivener that I didn’t have before. ~ Alfie Lloyd

Before your course I felt out of my depth with Scrivener. Now I have two books successfully published to Kindle/Amazon and more titles and formats on the way. ~ Jane Fisher

That each of the sections are short! Even when I do not have a huge amount of time, I feel like I can sign in and watch a handful of videos and learn a lot in a relatively short period of time. Then I can practice what I have learned easily. Also, I love the brevity of the videos because if I ever need to go back and watch one again (which I do!), I know that I can find exactly what I want very quickly, and get a quick refresher. It’s a HUGE time saver, all the way around. I bought Learn Scrivener Fast, and immediately purchased Scrivener. I have imported all of my Word docs into Scrivener, and am using it! Love it. It was all money well spent. ~ Daniel White

The course covers everything from the basics all the way to how to compile an eBook. I was still focusing more on the tool than on the job. I was spending much time trying to figure out how something was done. Now Scrivener is starting to become “transparent”, meaning I can now focus more on writing. ~ Kath Kumpula

I was not sure of my story line and knew that I needed to change some scenes, and delete others to move my story forward in a way that made sense. The binder allowed me to move things and insert new scenes. And the trash can is great because I don’t feel like I’ve totally lost the deleted scenes. I can come back to them later, or use them in the next story of my series. ~ Charlie Jenkins

I was surprised to learn how easy Scrivener is to actually use. The built in tutorial confused me when I first downloaded Scrivener and YouTube/blogs were confusing. LSF was easy to understand and the short clips made it easy to find what I needed if I needed to review something. This course helped me to organize both my blog posts and future books. ~ Harry Thompson

Being able to bring all my research, drafts, notes, word counts, chapters, revisions, pics and ideas together in one project binder…and then output it in any format I want. For someone who writes historical fiction with a heavy research focus this has turned me into a kid in a Ye Olde Lolly Shoppe…I never know what treasure I’m going to find next. Now, if I could only offload my day job and really indulge… ~ Melinda Hammond

I did my first draft in Word and then migrated the draft to Scrivener. While I went through the instructional video from Scrivener and have looked things up in the Scrivener manual (a daunting task for a non-techie) and even ventured not the Scrivener user forum, I would have been lost without the LSF program. I have a friend who told me she tried to use Scrivener twice but gave up each time because she couldn’t figure out how to make it work. I’ve told her to try LSF. I think your course will make all the difference. ~ Sarah Wood

There were some aspects of Scrivener that still didn’t totally make sense to me, and I felt like there were many ways I could probably be much more efficient if I knew about all of the features. I’d done the tutorial, watched several YouTube videos, and even read books about it, and I still felt like a newbie instead of a power user, and I’m usually pretty tech savvy, having been a software engineer in my previous career! I’m about to dive into two intense writing projects, and I knew I needed every advantage the software could offer. I can already see how I’ll put Learn Scrivener Fast into practice to make these so much more manageable. For me, the best thing I’ve learned so far is how to use the different kinds of Collections to search, sort, and organize the projects. I suspect that trick alone will be worth every penny in the time it will save me down the road. ~ Gillian Robinson

I like the format of the lessons very much. I’m learning! I find myself turning to Scrivener more often, for different kinds of projects. ~ Joan Richardson

So easy to follow. I feel that I am mastering Scrivener. I am organizing my writing in a more efficient way. ~ Joshua Baker

It was so easy to learn Scrivener using the bite size chunks that you produced. I bought Scrivener a few years back, and didn’t really use it very much as it seemed too daunting. Having started a blog this year, and also continuing to write scripts, I’m now using it for everything I produce, and am aiming to do some books in the coming year too! ~ Mirko Walker

I was surprised at how fast Scrivener’s intimidating learning curve seemed to vanish as I followed your course. Before your program, Scrivener’s learning curve seemed too steep… especially since I already knew how to use other tools like Word and Pages. I felt like I had only two choices; learn to use Scrivener… or actually get some writing done.Your program was like walking into a dark house and turning on one light after another. Each of your videos shed a little more light on the value of Scrivener. Before even finishing your course I’ve switched to working with Scrivener exclusively. ~ Rocco Lewis

The most surprising thing has been how really helpful the videos have been. All most everything has been explained in a clear and concise way. ~ Nicholas Johnson

What is most surprising is the well organized, easy to follow format of the course. Thank you for keeping the duration of each segment short. Love it! ~ Oliver Roberts

Before I started to use Scrivener I was stuck with Word and the scrolling and searching made me almost crazy. Now when I can choose the right chapter and read my notes everything goes faster and I have much more fun. Now I can see the end of my story. I had no problems following the course even though I’m a swede. I just looked at the videos(You are an amazing teacher) and then tried myself. Everything you showed turned out to be really easy. ~ Heather Thomas

The comprehensiveness and organization of the lessons as a whole is a big, pleasant surprise. LSF is more than a series of tutorials, it’s a course. The progression from topic to topic makes sense intuitively. ~ Gary Clark

They are very much appreciated! I’m definitely getting more writing done. Also, less stressed about making notes and gathering research. I know where everything is and if I forget some feature you have made it easy to find. ~ Christina Cox

I purchased Scrivener a year ago and bought a book to learn it. I made a few attempts and then put it off because mastering it seemed so time consuming. After purchasing this course, I did indeed learn it fast. ~Katherine Taylor

I have looked for years to find something to help me with Scrivener, but nothing like Learn Scrivener Fast was available. Until your course I just floundered. So I’m excited. I appreciate the format that the Learn Scrivener Fast course is in. I find the course well detailed and helpful and delivered in a clear manner. I love to be organized and this course has significantly helped me with the organization and tracking of projects. ~ Julie Evans

The tutorial videos are very good. I would begin watching one and it is finished before I knew it. The time goes very quickly. You have made the topic very interesting and now I want to jump into Scrivener using it to finish my book. ~ Tanya Williams

When I first got Scrivener, the amount of material in the Interactive Tutorial seemed overwhelming. Too much, too fast. I never finished it. After going through the first section of your program, I went back to the Tutorial and breezed right through it. Then I went back to your videos and picked up where I had left off. From the first time I saw the way you had broken down the program – into very short segments – it seemed obvious that it would probably be an easy way to pick up most of the basics. ~ Greg Cook

I really love how well laid out the material is, how clear the instructions are, and how all the steps are recorded underneath the videos. I also like seeing the progress I’ve made…its an added incentive to push through the material, learn it, and accomplish another task that will help aid me in where I want to be. Scrivener Fast will help you redeem the time. ~ Jonathan Pearce

Your tagline – Learn Scrivener Fast fulfills the promise immediately. I have been able to organize my projects, import research & develop a project schedule with ease. I have gone from total frustration & overwhelm to a logical, workable schedule. I have accomplished more this month then I anticipated.This is the most usable & accessible program I have purchased. Best money I have spent to date. ~ Jack Harvey

The software has helped clarify my writing!! – the framework has given me creative space – wasn’t expecting that and now use it for loads!!! Didn’t think it was for me before – I’m not even a writer!! Now I’m enjoying writing a handbook for a manual including policies, trustee information ( I would have never even attempted this before but now I can chunk and section it down it doesn’t seem so overwhelming) , a PHD presentation application outline (being able to include the email instructions right in with the research is great!) , launching new products and writing letters (the side by side means I can put an example up – which is really helpful) and blog posts, with weekly schedules, topics and to do lists… Anything that is project based – it’s become my favorite program right now! Thank you for unlocking it for me!! (& who knew – it was designed half an hour away from my house in Cornwall England!!) 🙂 ~ Gerald Taylor

I can’t believe how it’s upped my productivity and helped me get organized. And I’m only half way through the Ninja Level! Okay, I cheated a little a skipped ahead for some of the extras 🙂 I‘ll admit I was hesitant paying for the full course with the bonuses, but I now think it’s worth so much more than I paid. Much, much more! Thanks for the exquisite job you’ve done. Where once I scratched my head, I now work. Priceless. ~ Jessica Belltower

Once someone explains it to you in straightforward, simple terms, Scrivener is easy to learn! It has also made me a more organized writer. I used to just dump all the information in a word processing document and manually copy and paste sections to rearrange them. Scrivener made re-organizing content much easier. ~ Adrian Melleri

Before, I was reading books like Scrivener for dummies and looking for YouTube Videos. Now, I’m “actively” learning the software. I love the short and to the point videos. Get what you need and move along. ~ Carrie Saito

The way you lay out the training is easy to follow and to follow along with my own current project in Scrivener. In the first few videos I learned tips (e.g. snapshots) that are saving me tons of time and agony. I now have a writing plan. ~ Aleksy George

The most surprising thing is that after soaking up Learn Scrivener Fast like a huge sponge, I was able to begin the outlining process. This eliminated a pile of handwritten notes! ~ Mel Jones

They are short and easy to follow. You have done a great job of pulling out what is different in a PC as compared to Mac. I am finding the course a great resource to answer the question, “How do I…” ~ Klara Stone

The course lives up to its promise to deliver training in bite size pieces that are immediately useful. have more confidence that I can use the tool as a core piece of my writing process. Writing in composition mode (did not know how to make that switch before) and setting a restful background helps me get in the zone and stay there longer. ~ John Hermo

I have been dreaming of starting a blog for a while, but never committed to it because I didn’t want to put a bunch of effort in only to have nothing to write about. Now, I have been “blogging” inside of Scrivener whenever inspiration strikes. I already have 10 blog posts of over 1000 words each, written and ready to go when I launch my blog. In fact, being 5 to 10 posts ahead of my desired posting schedule will give me the opportunity to keep my writing on task and not have to worry about coming up with content at the last minute. When I launch my blog, I should have at least a months worth of posts on auto-pilot, thanks to Scrivener, and more importantly, Learn Scrivener Fast. ~ Ella Atkinson

Scrivener is incredible for organizing my blog content. It’s so useful, I’ll be using it to create user manuals for my 9-to-5 as well! ~ Zoe Roberts

I was muddling through trying to learn Scrivener on my own. I’ve now got my writing goals in place and feel quite empowered to accomplish them. ~ Justin Marshall

Although the course name includes the word “Fast” (I was skeptical), I was pleasantly surprised at how true it turned out to be. Like a lot of people, I purchased Scrivener and let it sit. By the time I got to my third book, I knew I needed a more efficient system so, I went looking for training. That’s when I found your site. After flying through the training, I was up and running with writing my third book and I still don’t know how I managed before with Word. I’m not knocking Word. I just needed something geared more toward the way authors think, process and organize a large amount of research. I’m loving Scrivener and I have your training to thank for that. ~ Agatha Huusko

The lessons are short and easy to understand and I can go back and repeat them if I need to. It is very well done. I was stuck. I didn’t know how most of the features worked. I felt like I was floundering. Since I started using Learn Scrivener Fast, I finished a blog and have my non- fiction project organized. ~ Cheryl Williams

I have been very pleased with the how comprehensive LSF is. It seems to cover all aspects of the software, even those pokey little corners hidden in sub-menus. Before LSF, I had read two manuals, and although I felt I had a broad understanding I did not feel confident. LSF has changed that. I’m still in the planning stage of my writing, but LSF has taught me, firstly, how to use ‘Layout Manager’ to setup layouts to suit different tasks. And then how to customize the toolbar, so enabling me to switch rapidly between layouts, and therefore tasks. I’m sure there are more effort-saving tips to come. ~ Arnolf Mason

I was using Scrivener in the best way I knew through other tutorials and making a total mess of my first drafts (that’s the way it works for most of us), then starting a whole new project in order to sort it out. With my current project, started with the help of this program, I’ve able to stick with one document and do a complete second draft without the frustration of using two documents. I can now access EVERYTHING and check continuity, pacing, research and have the visuals right there in the inspector with all my notes on revision easily accessed. I’ll be ready to publish at least a month sooner than ever before with more subtle focus on theme than in previous work. ~ Alison Griffiths

I found your training extremely helpful. I was in the middle of a third rewrite and struggling with the program although I had figured out enough to get out 72K words but lost some sections, and rearranged others. The writing itself was going well but effectively using Scrivener was at times a nightmare. After I went through the basic module one time, I said out loud, “This guy deserves every penny of that 97 dollars.”I am now in the fourth rewrite and now able to use some of the wonderful attributes of Scrivener and will deliver my book to the editor in the next few weeks. Thanks! You are a wonderful teacher and that is rare. Keep up the good work. ~ Douglas Stewart

I’m a teacher who is new to Scrivener and new to writing.Joseph’s course showed me the power of Scrivener in very simple units that the teacher in me admires. I attended a teacher workshop after completing the first module and had a powerful tool for taking notes and organizing resources while attending the workshop. As I look to the future, he has shown me ways of organizing the many different projects I will need to manage as a teacher and as a writer. ~ Simon Spencer

I was hitting a wall with the Scrivener. Everything seemed to be overwhelming. The “tutorial” that is included with Scrivener seemed more difficult to understand than the program. There were a few glimmers with some of the YouTube videos. Your classes were sort of like a book opening with everything becoming clearer. I still can’t get over how things became focused and clear. ~ Sophie Suurhasko

I went through the whole Scrivener tutorial that came with the program and I thought that Learn Scrivener Fast was going to just be a retread of that. Turns out there were a few tidbits, especially in the later parts of the course, that I found weren’t included in the native tutorial and I also thought were really awesome. So thanks for going beyond the tutorial that came with the program. ~ Lorraine Pearson

Before I learned that Scrivener gives you a word count for your session and for each chapter, I would stop writing when I was tired or a little blocked. Now, I set a goal and keep working until I reach it. ~ Paul Davies

Clearly presented! Not necessarily getting more writing done, but by using Scrivener, I’m saving time by being better organized. ~ Rob Harris

Ease of learning is great. It’s got the video AND the notes – covers all types of learners. Before, I was learning Scrivener as I used it on a current project. Now, I am using it as part of the prep to complete the project. Super to have my outline next to my writing space! ~ Joel Takkula

I was expecting the standard fare of an hour or two presentation. The clips, covering one specific feature of Scrivener is great. I commend you for your foresight in setting up the two and three minute modules. I have owned Scrivener for more than a year and got totally frustrated with it. I even lost my work a couple of times blundering through all the tabs and buttons. At the moment I’m using the split screen feature to insert dialog clips. I’m a Word user which also has a split screen feature but it is not as easy to use. ~ Chloe Wilson

I had worked through the manual and found it really good. However, I could never find specific info when I needed it. And the Search function in Scrivener isn’t great. Thanks to your videos, I’m writing a lot more now, just because I know how to organize the material better. I’m writing a novel and the best things I learned are: a) how to pull a mindmap into the program, b) how to backup to Dropbox and c) how to add pictures to my character sketches. I write and have portraits open in my split screen for inspiration. ~ Anna Gray

It is helpful in organizing my writing, writing that I have been doing for years but not yet put into book form. Bits and pieces are published on my blog. It seems possible for me to now put it altogether. I’ve needed this kind of help organizing a very emotionally charged family story. This kind of help seems hugely practical. ~ Cath Phillips

I’d had Scrivener forever, tried to use it, and simply couldn’t figure out what everyone was raving about. When I heard how much easier Scrivener made it to format e-books for multiple sales sites, I knew I needed to figure out how to use it. I’d been struggling for months trying to format my books (I have a series of five novels out) for Kobo and Smashwords, and I’d been avoiding doing an update on Barnes and Noble and Amazon — just because I found ebook formatting so cumbersome. Within 24 hours of finishing your course, I had all five books formatted for every site, and my sales have never been better. I truly see this as a program that has changed my ability to maximize profits from my writing. ~ Victor Ovaska

I love the short videos that can teach me what I want to know with no fluff, no rambling, no sitting through a bunch of opinions and setup. Having attended many video courses, many of them are ill-prepared, rambling and overly long. Yours is not, and I love it! Thanks to your course my writing is all organized, color coded and easily available. ~ Jessica Barnes

The Learn Scrivener Fast tutorials quickly transported me from dazed and confused to dazzled and determined. The info is presented in small doses, which works great for me. Before using Learn Scrivener Fast, the Scrivener program was simply an icon I’d see on my screen and think, “I’ll get into that soon and figure it out…” Now I’m building out a new book idea, utilizing all of the great tips and tricks shared in Learn Scrivener Fast. ~ Anne Gonzalez

Your videos are excellent!!! Your teaching method–small bites clearly presented–is perfect for a program as complex as Scrivener. I feel your course was money well spent. ~ Lucy Gill

I feel like Scrivener works for me now instead of me being a slave to it. Before, it made me feel scattered, like everything was a puzzle thrown all over the floor. Now, I see how all of the pieces fit together and how it’s meant to make writing easier. There is so much more to Scrivener than I ever dreamed and, because I’m a visual learner, seeing it laid out on the screen in front of me and visualizing the binder as an actual binder makes a huge difference. ~ Oliver Barker

I’m amazed at how quickly it improved my skills with Scrivener. I’ve written Scrivener for a couple of years, but could not access many of its functions. The handbook is very difficult to use. Your course makes the information easier to find and understand. ~ Becky Chapman

Love the speed of learning,length of lessons, and clarity of instructions. Before I was overwhelming by the planning. Now, I am well on my way to finishing my novel plan. I’ll never return to Word! ~ Bruce Cox

I have taken over a month to get all the pieces into a project in Scrivener and have moved on to 5 other books that I have had scattered here and there. Because I had this great training at my fingertips, I have been able to set up multiple projects in a consistent format across them all. Your program has taught me so much! I’m just getting back to writing again, but now it’s not in a ‘haphazard way’. Scrivener and “Learn Scrivener Fast” training are a “complete package” and I have already been telling everyone I know about the merit in buying BOTH. I LOVE your style of training. I like that it’s organized and I can find it quickly. I LOVE the “to the point” video’s. I like that you offer the video and the written steps. ~ Thomas Watanabe

Prior to LSF I used Scrivener like a Word document. Basically just writing. Now I feel freer to write as the words come, as Scrivener allows me to move words and documents around. The Scrivenings tab helps me see if there is flow in my dialogues and characters. The comments tags lets me make notes and keep moving forward with my writing, knowing that those random thoughts have been captured, can be dealt with later, and possibly turned into dialogue or a necessary or simply fun and interesting scene. The list goes on and on. The tiny details of Scrivener make a huge difference in setting up, preparing, and actually writing. ~ Stuart Stevens

Joseph has a way of explaining things in layman’s terms and I liked that. I can’t begin to tell you how difficult a time I was having organizing my writing and to have it all in one place makes completing projects so much easier. ~ Curt Tanaka

I was using Scrivener all the time, for blogging, for writing fiction, and even for my lists and to dos, but the course is helping me to use it more efficiently and effectively, and I am able to look up particular questions when I need specific help. I like the bite size chunks and I love the screen shots underneath so I can scan through what a video’s content is likely to be and then decide whether or not it is what I am looking for. ~ Ellen Bard

I do like the way it is packaged into small bites, so that I don’t have to sit for 30 min. trying to absorb it all at once and can quickly review techniques and commands. They are very nicely compartmentalized. I am 60 years old and learning new tricks. ~ Pete Reid

I wasn’t really using Scrivener. I would start a project but never get back to it. Now I use it for my Podcast and blog. I have started to dust off those projects to get them done. I have 2 projects on my website that I put into Scrivener to work on completing this year. Plus, I’m using it more for my research and my dissertation. I love the ease and simplicity of the videos and the fact that I can learn at my own pace. ~ Emily Takahashi

Though I already had a working knowledge of Scrivener, I had never been as proficient as I would have liked. However, after going through Learn Scrivener Fast, I discovered an array of pro-tips and tricks that I’d honestly never used or known of, even as a professional ghostwriter. I’ve learned how to set up Scrivener so that my files automatically back up to Dropbox, how to easily track goals, how to organize blog posts in Scrivener (something I’d never before considered), and much more. Now I’m using Scrivener to write my own novel (the first book in my own name!), and thanks to this new information, I’m pleased to say that the writing process is going more smoothly than any of the previous projects I completed in Scrivener. ~ Ralph Suzuki

I was a little confused about Scrivener and could not get it to work for me. I recognized that it could have the potential to work well for me in larger writing projects, but found it difficult to grasp some of the concepts behind the program. I understood the idea behind the binder but couldn’t get to work properly. Learn Scrivener Fast simply opened up the program to me. Another example is that I hadn’t heard of the scratch pad – Now it just so useful. ~ Olivia Hall

Your clear step-by-step instructions are excellent. You have put a ton of effort into this training program and it shows. It’s so easy to understand the parts of Scrivener I struggled with and learn things I didn’t even know it could do. Best money ever spent. The instruction on converting a non-fiction book from Word into e-reader format alone paid for the software. ~ Ruby Thomas

I had been using Scrivener for two years and so knew my way around on an intermediate level. Learn Scrivener Fast has improved the way I structure and organize my work. For example, I learned how to import my novel from a blank Scrivener template into the novel template, I changed my Chapter docs into folders and the content in those chapters to separate scenes. I’ve also become more adept at using the corkboard and customizing it to my preferences. ~ Fred Mitchell

The one thing I really liked about Learn Scrivener Fast was how simple and easy the program is laid out. I can find the ‘how do I’ answer quickly. I just love the typewriter scrolling feature that I had no idea Scrivener had. That alone was worth the price of the course. ~ Ann-Marie Brown

I have been using Scrivener for my fiction writing for nearly two years and have converted many of my “amateur” writer friends to it. I am finally able to use it for my blogging. Before, I had a mess of Word documents based on different “tags” from my blog. I just couldn’t think how it would be better organized in Scrivener. Then I went through that section of the course. a V-8 moment I feel like I’m finally at a “professional” level with my blog now. ~ Charlie Hussain

I’ve heard so many people complain about how difficult Scrivener is to learn that I bought How to Learn Scrivener Fast along with Scrivener so I could get the most out of the program right from the start. And I’m glad I did. It’s worked out very well. There is so much extra material in this course, I haven’t gotten through it all yet. ~ Derek Cunningham

My husband and I have been struggling with his autobiography for three years now and I cannot believe how much easier it is with Scrivener! He constantly wants to switch the order of scenes and I feel as though I’ve gone from a horse and buggy to a jet. The videos are short and the teaching style is not too slow or too fast. ~ Sonia Sato

You know my needs as a writer. I’m between jobs, so money is tight, but I shouted to my spouse that we’d gotten our money’s worth in my first 2 hours with LSF. You’ve saved me so much time in DIY learning and let me focus on getting my project set up! ~ Stephanie Woods

I feel more organized and I can get more thoughts out of my head and onto ‘paper.’ I look forward to my writing now that I know everything is in one place and I don’t have to deal with having multiple documents open. ~ Terry Murray

I was a complete beginner and now I’ve learned enough to move on to Scrivener’s manual and intermediate tutorials. The course is a great jump start to learning the software, i.e., a way to drop the training wheels and get going fast ~ Jennifer McDonald

It is easy to follow, easy to understand and easy to implement. I had Scrivener, but with your Learn Scrivener Fast tutorial, it changed everything. I also took other Scrivener courses, but yours left them all in the dark. Huge progress since! ~ Pamela Hughes

I love it! I have had Scrivener for a couple of years but was hesitant to use it because I felt like it was too complicated to learn how to use all the features. But everyone kept saying how great it was and I definitely was feeling that using word or pages was not working with long documents such as books. Learn Scrivener Fast has changed all this for me, now I can navigate my book with ease and produce ebooks with the click of a button. Learn Scrivener Fast has unleashed the magic of Scrivener to me 🙂 I love how you put the program in short videos so I can learn one step at a time. ~ Joseph Ortola

Before? I was baffled! It looked too hard. After? You explain it so well that gives me confidence knowing it is actually quite simple. The way you break it down makes it very easy to understand! Your screenshots are great and you articulate everything so nicely. I’m surprised that I was a bit ‘scared’ by it all – but you seem to put my mind at rest. ~ Alexandra Martin

I was amazed at how fast I could get up and running with Scrivener. I had used it before, but it was several months ago. I was given a quick refresher with Learn Scrivener Fast and learned lots more to make Scrivener match my needs. ~ Grace Ryan

I had Scrivener, used it some, felt like it was just another word processor over loaded with organizational options in triplicate, so I went back to using Word. But when I found this course as a bonus from another purchase I bought, I started watching the videos and gained far more insight into how I can use Scrivener not only to write a book, but to organize my whole writing career as a project, and my book as part of that much bigger project. As I learned more about Scrivener’s organizational capabilities, and some methods of outlining, I sense I’m able to more clearly see not only my book, but my life, and how this book fits into the bigger picture of my goals. I’m writing more effectively. ~ Sam Brooks

As a successful indie author, I’ve used Scrivener for about four years because of the compiling ability, but never understood how to capitalize on its full functionality. Having the class materials at my fingertips has been fabulous. I’m more efficient and able to keep projects better organized, which is not only a time saver, but saves me money on aspirin. ~ Catherine Rodriguez

Usually with web based learning I remember that something was mentioned but not necessarily how to do it. The short videos make it easy to remember steps. ~ Chris Nicholson

Originally, I thought the videos might be too short, but I was wrong. I learn best by taking brief notes as I listen then doing what I’ve been taught. These lessons enabled me to do exactly that. Even more I can go exactly back to what I need and not have to scroll around or bookmark or make a note of time where ‘revisions’ are located. ~ Steven Cooper

I had Scrivener for about four years and I couldn’t use it the way I wanted to, I knew it as a great program if I could just get use to it. After using Learn Scrivener Fast, I’m using Scrivener on all parts of my seven book project . I’ve been able to view all parts of my project in the SAME PLACE as opposed to lots of folders on my Mac. ~ Margaret Ali

It actually works, and makes sense! I had Scrivener for a year, after abandoning it as being clunky, but once you explained it in a visual way that made sense, it worked fine. I am one of those people who has a lot of trouble learning this sort of thing from books. ~ Gemma Davis

I’ve been a Scrivener user for years, but could never find the time to wrinkle out the secrets of the full program . . . too busy writing to take the time. Then I found LSF and I love it. But LSF has led me to Markdown now and I’m using nvALT, Marked 2 and Byword, and eschewing Word with great pleasure. ~ Will Butler

I was surprised at how much I learned in the “Basics” module, even though I have been using Scrivener for years. ~ Manswet Hudson

I am so happy to know that I CAN learn Scrivener and that learning it is motivating me to write more! There are so many great features of Scrivener. I want to get to know them all! I had Scrivener for 2-1/2 years before taking Learn Scrivener Fast. I tried to learn it on my own with the tutorial, but it was too overwhelming so I gave up. I have now started to work on a new story on Scrivener instead of Word. I started with index cards on the cork board, which I love. ~ Rolf Turner

I was surprised to find out how easy and powerful Scrivener is to use – it has functions I never knew I needed (of course I didn’t need them, but now I’ve discovered them, they have become essential). ~ Edward Phillips

This is probably the first course I have paid for that delivered the results fast. Your course does exactly what it says, help people learn Scrivener fast. It would have taken me a long time to learn all of the software’s features. ~ Carl Bennett

I had Scrivener almost a year, but was procrastinating on writing because I lacked the confidence in my knowledge on how to exploit Scrivener’s vast capabilities. Due to LSF, I’m now ready to attack writing with vigor! ~ Kevin Hopkins

Before using Learn Scrivener Fast, I had the basics down, but I was really struggling with unlocking the full potential of using Scrivener, particularly with organizing my projects and utilizing all of the tools available. Now, I’m starting to get the hang of this program and am feeling more comfortable using it. My projects are feeling more organized and I feel more productive. ~ Robert “Sharky” Pruneda

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“Before tackling my latest novel, I  consulted several online sources that promised to walk me through learning Scrivener. The best of these proved to be the training conducted by Joseph Michael, in his course, Learn Scrivener Fast."

Jerry B. Jenkins

21-Time New York Times Bestselling Author

“This is awesome! I love Joseph’s training style. I highly recommend the Learn Scrivener Fast program! VERY well done and so worth it.”

Michael Hyatt

New York Times Best-Selling Author

"Joseph is my go to guy for quickly learning Scrivener. His course, Learn Scrivener Fast, has so much invaluable information. It has helped me to be more effective with my writing and has helped me cut through the clutter so that I can focus on what I need to be doing most…which is writing."

Jeff Goins

Bestselling Author of 5 Books

“The Learn Scrivener Fast program is the most comprehensive and easy-to-use guide to Scrivener, with short, actionable videos that will help you write more efficiently as well as publish more easily. There are tips and tricks for the newbie and the more experienced, I’m learning so much and I’ve been using Scrivener for years.”

Joanna Penn

NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Author

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